There are two primary types of leather widely available: Genuine leather and Top Grain Leather. It is important to understand the distinctions between the two and how they compare to other types of leather to determine which is best suited for leather accessories.

Genuine Leather

It may seem desirable, but it is the lowest grade. It is made from leftover material after separating higher-quality layers. They are mainly composed of corium, the softer and more malleable part of the hide. They’re also less durable and prone to tearing compared to grain leather. Typically, it may be less expensive but has lower quality and durability than top-grain or full-grain leather.

Top Grain leather

It is almost entirely composed of grain, the most durable part of the hide. It’s made from the top half of an animal’s hide, with the outermost layer sanded down for a smooth appearance. Products made of top-grain leather are high-quality and long-lasting, such as hats, jackets, boots, luggage, belts, and gun holsters. Typically, made from cowhide or buffalo hide. It is more expensive than genuine leather, but better quality.