Leather Wine Totes

Experience the pinnacle of luxury and style as you transport your wine with utmost elegance. Our meticulously handmade leather wine totes complement your taste for the extraordinary. Protect your precious bottle and make a bold statement wherever you go.

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Attention to detail.

Casali Wine Totes are constructed with 100% top-grain leather. Our tanneries pain-stakingly ensure that every sheet of leather we use is perfect. High-quality leather goods, like our totes, become softer and silkier through continued use. We use the finest quality leather and lovingly handcraft every aspect of your wine tote, providing an ideal product.

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Distinctive Protection & Stability

The dimensional padding exclusive to all Casali wine totes is designed to cradle your favorite bottles of wine with care. These engineered attributes harmonize seamlessly, preventing any slippage or instability. The sleek satin monogram lining allows you to remove bottles with ease while guaranteeing their security and impeccable preservation while transporting.

Our innovative strap with button adapter guarantees a secure hold to your Casali Wine Tote. With the combination of our premium leather and high end hardware, you can trust that transporting your wine bottle will remain secure on your shoulder, as well as, in your hand.

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The Perfect Gift.

Not sure what to get the wine lover in your life? Casali Wine Totes make the perfect gift! Our totes are great for those who enjoy spending time outdoors, attending social gatherings, or simply like to keep their wine collection close by. If you are a corporate leader looking for a unique and memorable way to show appreciation to your employees or clients, we offer a custom packaging tag for orders larger than 25 totes. No matter what your motive, our wine totes are made with a quality that is sure to impress!

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